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Ever wondered why the LED bulb you purchased isn't performing like it is supposed to? Other than it may be under powered, Picture 6  explains everything. The single chip CREE XHP70 designed exclusively for projector headlights is a lumen powerhouse ( Picture No. 5 ). 12,000 lumens to be exact for the two bulbs combined. Based on Picture 6, the LED chip should face the roof of the elliptical reflector to maximize its light output. If you check your low beam projector housing,( ...hi beam housing will be reflector ) the mirror like finish of the reflector is on the roof or at 12 o'clock. Whereas the sides and floor of the reflector has a dull like finish because reflected beams from this area are blocked by the shutter. If you look at your head light, the lower half of it is bright and there is a dark area on the top half. So to harness the full potential of your bulb, the LED chip should shoot its beam up. This is the reason why bulbs designed for parabolic reflector headlights ( bulbs with 2 chips facing 3 and 9 o'clock )  isn't as effective when installed inside a projector headlight.


If you have a newer model TOYOTA CAMRY and if you haven't converted your halogen H11 bulb to an LED, this is the right time. The newest in LED headlight bulb technology, this unique one bulb design using a CREE XHP70 LED chip is a lumen powerhouse compared to older bulbs using twin XHP50. 12,000 Lumens of road lumination in 6500K pure white color . While this maybe bright, projector headlight design allows your beam to focus on the road without being obnoxious to other motorists who shares the road with you. With our  NIGHT DOMINATOR LED H11, night driving is an entire new driving experience.


EASY 15-20 minute no hassle install! Picture 2 and 3 shows how simple it is to change your H11 halogen bulb because there is plenty of room behind the headlight to stick your hand and change the bulbs. Just install bulbs, connect the ballasts, stick the ballast on a flat surface and your set!

1 year warranty.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back with no questions asked provided items are returned in their original packaging and in saleable condition.

A perfect gift for family and friends who drive this vehicle.

2007-2016 TOYOTA CAMRY


Photo 1,2, and 3 were  taken January 2017 using  Low beam H11 12000 Lumen on a 2013 Toyota CAMRY.


TIP: When the bulb is in a fully locked position, the CREE XHP70 chip should be oriented at 12 o'clock or pointing directly straight up. If not, release the tiny set screw and adjust your headlight clockwise or counter-clockwise until the bulb is at 12 o'clock or the flat electrical cord is oriented at 6 o'clock. Tighten the set screw and lock.

FOR Camrys however, no adjustment is needed.