About Us

Being in business since 1987, we have been listening and providing to trucker needs for the past 28 years. And these past few years, the need is for more and better illumination.Be it road or interior illumination. That is why we search for effective products that address these needs at an affordable price. 

We want our customers to dominate the night with our products. We believe that their safety and the public's safety depends on what they can and can't see. 

We are located in Ontario, California. Two of the biggest truck stops in the nation are here and offers us plenty of opportunities to listen and hear what trucker's complain about their vehicles capacity to light up the road.

So for these reasons, we opened DayWhiteLED.com. A website designed to specifically offer products addressing trucker needs for better road illumination.

You may visit our shop inside the Petro of Ontario, California or our Main Store at:

59 South Milliken Avenue # 106

Ontario,CA 91761

1-800-876-5474 Office    951-522-7411  cell

You can visit our Facebook Page by searching DAY WHITE LED


DayWhiteLED Team