Milky or Fogged Head light lens: Cause and Prevention



Fogged up lenses are a common occurrence on headlights that use a 3157 DRL amber bulb. This particular bulb generates heat that tends to "cook" the inner lens surface thereby creating that milky appearance especially on Cascadias. If you notice, the area where that lens cataract formed is where the 3157 bulb is placed, and you don't see that forming anywhere else on the lens.

The solution to this problem, is to change the 3157 incandescent bulb to an LED.

We have three different Hi Power 3157 bulbs that will solve this problem. 

1) 21 Watt 3157- Amber

2) 28 Watt 3157 Double Switch Back white+ Yellow

3) 50 Watt 3157 Double Switch Back white+ Yellow

Each of these bulbs can be found in our Hi Power bulb section.